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Castaways Roaming - "Langley"

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Castaways Roaming- "Langley"

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Artist Bio:

Castaways Roaming bio: Born from the union of three twisted minds, Castaways Roaming are a band who make music for share messages. CR tried to blend their various styles for the first time in 2012, in a hidden rehearsal room of northern Italy. They didn’t have a specific genre to follow, coming from different musical influences. Just one thing was immediately clear: Castaways Roaming had to express something, from the depths of the stomach; something from the real life. Feelings had to be transferred in each words, like waves on the rock.
Castaways of submerged worlds, that slowly come to the surface.

CR are Alessandro Iemoli (vocals, bass), Santo Bianchini (guitar, choirs) and Simone Pozzi (drums). They make alternative/space rock since 2012. After playing in little clubs and festivals in northern Italy, release their first single “Langley” at the beginning of 2015, registered on “Wavemotion Recordings” in Como, with young producer Federico Ascari. The song anticipates the upcoming EP and a summer tour.

Not commercial stuff. Not ordinary sound.
Stay Castaways!

About The Video: The video is directed by Davide Pesca, an emerging director in the italian underground movement. The song talks about the lies that estabilished power told to us...but one day all become real…What is the truth now?

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