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Fear The Sirens - "The Reach"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Fear The Sirens - "The Reach"

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Band Bio:

Fear The Sirens started in the early 2011 to fulfill a need to bring back some kind of beliefs and concepts in HC music. For us FTS is more then just a band, is a way to live life, respecting the codes and the values of the hardcore scene as well as the sounds, but tryin to bring somethin new... somethin different and fresh, somethin that just reflects what we are, what we care about, and obviously our influences in music.

FTS would like to be a link between the old hc scene and the new generations... an alternative, a choice... hc with somethin to say, without necessarily bein politically oriented or part of a "faction". Hoping u guys will apreciate the sweat and the effort we put into this everyday... cause the only thing that carry us on day by day is your support!

Through the last year we've put all of ourselves to write and produce our first album "THE RUINS WE USED TO CALL HOME", available NOW! Now we're ready to get to your town so we can scream our heart out together!

About The Video:

We're proud to finally release our first official video! this is for us a great moment, cause after the release of of our album "THE RUINS WE USED TO CALL HOME", wich is having real good feedbacks we can finally ready to "put our faces" into your screen and come out with the first single!

The video has been made by CRYO VISION, owned by our singer Davey and his friends Fada from Dungeon Elite!

We really wanna thank the guys of BlankTV for being so helpful and kind, and our label Indelium Records to have helped make all of this possible.

What more is there to say? We'll reveal more details really soon so stay fuckin tuned! ;)

We hope you guys will dig it!!!

Director: Davey Passavanti
Producer: Daniele Fadda

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