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DINGO - "Buried In The Blue"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

DINGO - "Buried In The Blue"

More about the band...

The video for 'Buried in the Blue' was inspired by a video of Comeback Kid. In the video Comeback Kid plays live within a cloud of smoke which creates a really cool effect. We thought that we could enhance the effect by using light and colors. It's a simple video almost retro in feel but we like to think it is pleasing to the eye.

Band Bio:

Once upon a time there was a man who lived among Dingos. When he was a child his family left for dead but the Dingos took care of him and raised him as their own kind. This child was called Jakob. When he was 16 years old he thought to himself. "Man, I need to start a band. The best band in the world!" And he started his journey to find the line-up for "the best band in the world".

First he searched for a lead guitarist who could handle some heavy riffs. His search was long and hard. He ended up in the rainforest of Peru. Jakob got lost in the big forest. He walked and walked when he suddenly started to hear a distant guitar solo. He followed the sweet tunes and soon Jonathan, The god of rock appeard right before his eyes(and ears). They both knew they where going to accomplish great things together. Now with a lead guitarist, the search continued. Now they needed a man with bass of steel. They went to the isle of New Zealand. There was a rumor that there lived a Kiwi bird farmer in New Zealand that could destroy continents with his bass. His name was Philip. He was hard to track down due to the large amount of kiwi bird farmers in new zealand. When they found him he rejected their invitaion. But they offered him some gross marmite and he instantly changed his mind. He joined the band.

On their way back from New Zealand they stopped in Sweden. They had to buy some nice furniture for their tour bus so the went to Ikea. When they stod in line to pay Jakob accidently dropped a table on a Ikea employees foot. Robin was his name. In pain he let out a thundering roar that destroyed the entire building! It was like nothing they had ever heard before. They knew that they had to have this Ikea employee as their vocalist! And they wouldn't take no for an answer! The only thing left was a rhythm guitarist. Philip knew a guy who was pretty good at guitar.

AND THE BAND WAS FORMED! The best band in the world. DINGO.

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