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Damian Murdoch Trio - "The Opener"

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Damian Murdoch Trio - "The Opener"

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Band Bio:

An Aussie and two Austrians walk on stage… Sounds like the start of a joke, right?


The brainchild of acclaimed Australian guitarist, Damian Murdoch, his unlikely alliance with two of Austria's most sought-after session musicians, Michael Posch (drums) and Matthias "Johnny" Wieser (bass), might raise a few eyebrows. But see DMTrio play and you'll soon forget all that...

An ex-pat living at large in Vienna, Murdoch – whose all-star resume runs the gamut of incendiary blues, acoustic jazz, soul pop, heavy rock and full-tilt metal – had a vision to form an elite instrumental project. One that made no compromise, pulled no punches and would dazzle music-lovers and musicians alike.

And now here it is…

DMTrio channel influences from all genres of music (blues, rock, metal, funk, latin) as to manifest a no rules supergroup of startling originality. All virtuoso players in their own right, the ingenious yet instinctive interplay between Murdoch, Posch and Wieser's instrumentation creates an intense rollercoaster ofpeaks and troughs, detours and sojourns, sinuous riffery and spellbinding atmospherics. With their uncanny guitar chops, innovative riffs, lurching rhythms, bad-ass blues, belching bottom-end and leviathan-sized grooves, every song takes its own path, irrespective of convention or traditional structure, but somehow stays bound together in song.

Yes, punters. DMTrio are a band that'll make you move!

Guaranteed to drop the jaws of everyone from traditional blues purists to metalheads to jazzbeards to rock pigs, DMTrio are as much about raw rock bombast and foot-on-the-foldback bliss as they are about maestro-like musicianship and stunning technicality.

Currently laying waste to venues all over Europe, before completing their debut album Electric Tentacles in the end of 2012, this is one band you need to see live!

Ladies and gentleman, prepare to suit up!

We give you Damian Murdoch Trio!

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