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X Contract - "Save Your Time"

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X Contract - "Save Your Time"

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This is the 4th video from X Contract's album: Dearest Dream. In this video, the band spontaneously decided to go to London to shoot a video, without a script. They're mainly focussing on visually stunning pictures rather than a story-line, and it's turned out great. Check it out!

Filming: William Findinge, Reptillia Productions
Editing: Emil Blichfeldt Sorensen
Visual Effects & Colorgrading: Arash Shadeh-Mohammadi

Band Bio:

X Contract was formed in 2007, and came out with their first album in april, 2012. They've received several online awards, and they're continuously getting a bigger fan base. Their songs have been played in many radio stations and bars across the world, and they're still getting requests to have their music played. Their album has been reviewed many times, and they are compared to bands like Porcupine tree, Radiohead, Coldplay and Muse, but their music keeps evolving, and in mid 2013, fans across the world will see just how much, when they come out with their next album

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