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This Deafening Whisper - "Siren's Strain"

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This Deafening Whisper - "Siren's Strain"

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Produced by Dissension Productions Siren’s Strain is the first single off The Deafening Whisper’s upcoming album 'Duodecim', out December 2012!

Band Bio:

This Deafening Whisper: Everything you need to know about the Parisian band is included in the title. The duality between violence and sensibility, straight forwardness and subtlety, explosive despair and contained hope. Drawing inspiration from the current hardcore, metal and rock scene, This Deafening Whisper forged themselves a unique sound by melding these influences and breathing in a cinematic universe of their own where the music and the lyrics become the main actors, while the orchestral and the subtle electronic synths in the background are painting the atmosphere.

2012 has already been huge for This Deafening Whisper that released its first video and had the chance to share the stage with bands such as Doyle, Chunk, no Captain Chunk, Betraying the Martyrs, The ARRS, Becoming the Archetype or Suicide Silence. But with the oncoming of their first full length album set to the last days of earth in december, several shows and festival booked as well as a new video on the way, we can be sure that The Whisper's name will become Deafening in the metal scene by the dawn of 2013.

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